Removal of hard dental plaque with an ultrasonic device Piezon, Air-flow and enamel polishing

Oral hygiene is the key to dental health. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly brush your teeth, which toothpastes are needed, and many more important aspects related to teeth and gums. But even people who have all the skills to properly remove plaque and oral hygiene are advised to visit the dentist at least once every six months.

Prevention of any disease is always more profitable than its treatment.

There are hard-to-reach places (interdental spaces and periodontal pockets) in which it is impossible to remove bacterial plaque on your own.

The visual visibility of toothbrush removal of plaque does not mean that all bacteria are effectively removed from the tooth surface.

In some people, the body has a predisposition to the formation of tartar (hard plaque), which cannot be removed on its own.

Poor oral hygiene is a common cause of sore, bleeding gums. Therefore, at the initial stage of periodontitis (gingivitis), professional hygienic cleaning is a necessary and sufficient means for a complete cure.

Professional hygiene is also a mandatory procedure before treatment and tooth extraction, implantation, orthodontic treatment, prosthetics and professional whitening.

In our clinic, all modern principles of professional oral hygiene are observed, the main and final goal of which is to teach the patient how to properly brush their teeth, regularly take care of the oral cavity and thereby reduce the risk of dental diseases.

To remove dental deposits, we use an ultrasonic scaler Piezon Master 600 (Switzerland), which is characterized by high efficiency and speed of removing dental deposits. This device has no harmful effect on the hard tissues of the tooth.

The Air Flow device, the advantage of which is that it acts on plaque with a jet consisting of a mixture of powder, water and compressed air without direct contact with the tooth. Air Flow prophylactic powder is made on the basis of sodium bicarbonate. This is a fairly soft biocompatible material, which is also included in the composition of toothpastes and slows down acid activity. It is moderately abrasive, non-toxic, does not scratch the enamel and is absolutely harmless to your teeth.

Polishing teeth with a paste creates a gloss on the tooth surface, which reduces the possibility of re-formation of plaque and hard dental plaque.

The final stage is deep fluoridation of tooth enamel using disposable mouth guards. This procedure consolidates the effect of hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity, remineralizes the enamel of the teeth, saturates them with fluoride ions and micronutrients. The surface of each tooth is leveled, microcracks and chips are filled. Secondary plaque formation and caries are prevented.

Your smile becomes healthy and beautiful for a long time, and visits to the dentist will not be required for a long time!

Regular professional oral hygiene allows you to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for a long time.

You can learn more about professional oral hygiene by asking a question to our specialists.

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