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Dental restoration

Tooth restoration A beautiful smile delights and encourages communication, demonstrating impeccable dental health. It fascinates, therefore every progressive person who strives for success wants to have it. A snow-white beautiful smile is not given by nature to everyone, and the happy owners of healthy teeth sooner or later have to go to the dentist. Improper care, unhealthy diet, bad habits – all this provokes the development of diseases and aesthetic deficiencies. However, modern dentistry will help restore its former beauty by eliminating defects. Dental restoration is a corrective technique of a restorative nature. A complex of dental measures in a short period will allow you to restore an aesthetic look to your smile.

When an orthodontist's help is appropriate

Tooth restoration (the price of the service depends on the complexity of the defect) is aimed at correcting the following parameters:

  • the form;
  • position;
  • Colour;
  • the size.

The dentist cares not only about the external characteristics, but also about the functionality. For example, the restoration of chewing teeth will restore the former performance of the jaw apparatus. As you know, large pieces of food are poorly absorbed by the body and provoke disturbances in the functioning of the digestive system, which negatively affects the general well-being and leads to illness. Restoring chewing function is one of the key tasks in dental restoration, and it does not affect the cost of correction work in any way. The procedure can be safely called both an aesthetic and a therapeutic complex of measures.

The orthodontist of the AstanaDent medical center will inexpensively and efficiently eliminate the following dental defects:

  • chips;
  • large-scale carious lesions;
  • natural destruction;
  • caries under the filling.

The restoration of anterior teeth in Astana is not shown to everyone, the procedure is not carried out in the following cases:

  • Poor moisture insulation.

  • The presence of a pacemaker.

  • Allergic reactions to materials.

Bruxism, improper oral care, abnormal abrasion of enamel in combination with a direct bite and deep incisal overlap are relative contraindications. The expediency of the procedure is determined by the doctor after

Varieties of tooth restoration

To get rid of the deficiency in just 1 visit will help “direct” restoration of anterior teeth in Astana, inexpensively and quickly – these are its main trump cards. Most often, this method involves the use of pins (with large-scale loss of tooth tissue). They are titanium, fiberglass, anchoring, silver, etc. The cost of restoration depends on the number of affected teeth and the type of support chosen. It is recommended not to skimp on the pin, choosing one of the best, because it serves as the basis for all further operations. Before installing it, the orthodontist prepares the canal, after which he fixes the “foundation” according to the adhesive technology or with the help of cement. In order to give the tooth shape and color, the doctor uses compomers or composites.

There is also an indirect method of restoration. In this case, the correction is carried out in stages – not in one go. The doctor performs most of the work outside the mouth. It is possible to hide the aesthetic imperfections of the dentition due to orthopedic structures, which are made individually for each patient, taking into account many features (shape, color, etc.). Veneers are the finest onlays and are thin slabs. They hide yellowness and even wide gaps.

Interested in the described restoration methods? Make an appointment with the orthodontist! He will professionally approach the solution of the problem, inexpensively eliminating a natural or acquired defect.

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