denture treatment

Modern dental prosthetics are painless and absolutely safe, special materials are used for it, in color and texture no different from natural enamel. As a result, we get an excellent smile.

Dental prosthetics may be required in such cases:

In the absence of one or more teeth in the dentition;
In case of insufficient restoration of teeth with the help of filling.

The integrity of the dentition plays an important role not only in terms of comfort and aesthetic performance. With serious damage to the tooth, there is a threat of its loss, and in the absence of one or more teeth, there are many unpleasant consequences for the rest of the teeth:

  • Bone atrophy develops in place of the missing tooth;

  • The redistribution of the load causes the grinding of nearby teeth;

  • Nearby teeth are loosened, and antagonist teeth are extended to compensate for the lost tooth.

Address us in AstanaDent clinic offers inexpensive prosthetics of teeth - patients from Astana and all RK address us and surely are satisfied! Modern equipment allows you to carry out any type of recovery and treatment quickly and painlessly.

Prices for our services are available to everyone. We carry out dental prosthetics inexpensively and with high quality using the following materials:

  • metal ceramics;
  • zirconium oxide;
  • metal-free ceramics.

The specialists of "AstanaDent" fully study the peculiarities of the structure of the patient's jaw, do X-rays and other necessary procedures to make the tooth look as natural as possible. We carry out high-quality prosthetics of any complexity. All prices on the website are approximate, you can find out the exact cost only after consultation.

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